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Island of Krk


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Did you know that the island of Krk for its wealth of sea and land already in ancient times was called Insula Aurea (Golden Island), and the city of Krk Splendidissima civitas Curictarum (the beautiful city of Veglioti)?
Krk, island-specific number of reasons, from the great cultural and historical wealth, the people interesting and rich tourist offer, will not leave indifferent those who visit at least once and year after year confirm also our guests satisfied.
There are still two very important things that distinguish it from other islands of the Adriatic. Out of a total of 1246 islands of the Croatian coast, the island of Krk with its surface of 406 km2 along the island of Cres is the largest island of the Adriatic. Besides being the largest, the island is better connected to the mainland and so often in recent times is called the closest island of the Adriatic.
Considering the fact that the most distant of Europe, ie Scandinavia, not away from Krk more than three hours of flight, it is clear that today there is no better way to share the rhythm and the daily monotonous urban noise with the relaxed atmosphere Mediterranean on the island of Krk in the shortest possible time and with less effort.



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